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We are top tech Support Company who provider, the best support for oasis kindle, Kindle Fire, Amazon Voyage Phone Support in USA / Canada and UK 2015 -16. Get all online solution by Kindle Oasis Support team with chat, phone call and remote help.Introducing Kindle Oasis - Amazon Official Site - E-reader -

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Kindle Paperwhite

It is the latest Kindle by Amazon which has several new technologies included in it. There is a home button at the bottom of the reader.

Kindle Voyage

It has a large screen and was mainly for the people who enjoy working on a You can easily make notes on this e-reader as its screen size is 9.7.

Kindle Oasis

e-reader comes with a ot of features. In addition to reading books, this e-reader comes with Amazon Silk Browser, in which you can watch TV shows

Kindle Fire

was announced in the year 2011. his was the first kindle without E Ink display. It has only Wi-Fi option It has a 8 GB of storage capacity.

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    24x7 Instant Oasis Support

    Customer Help Technical Support provides technical support Amazon / HD issues. We have a team of experts who can resolve your issues for within no time. Customers face several issues with like setup of , connection issue, slow speed of , wifi connection problems.

    Amazon Support Phone Number. won't turn on, HD screen issues, won't charge, hd synchronisation issue, forgotten Passcode and HD Online Support etc.

    Customer Help Certified Technicians can diagnose the root cause of problems and provide logical and linear method of troubleshooting issues. We can identity whether the problem is with the hardware or software and provide the best possible resolution to keep working in optimal condition. Customer Help is best Technical Support Online Service to provide you troubleshooting solution.

    People also face issues with wireless setting connectivity of , or hardware issue, or corrupt book data and Kindle won't connect to Wifi, or unable to download content for which people look for external sources of Support. Call Customer Help for Tech Support for all kind of & HD issues.

    24x7 Instant Kindle Support

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    Tech Support For Wifi Problems

    Our Expert technicians are 24/7/365 available to provide tech support for like Wireless connectivity for kindle Fire, registration over WiFi network, freezing issues etc.
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    To setup , you need an account with amazon. Our professional executives provide you complete details for how to create amazon account and setup & settings,
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    Kindle oasis support for customers who are buy new amazon device kinder oasis plus Wireless connectivity for kindle : we provide assistance for wifi connections for kindle and even if wifi is slow due to any software reason, we can update router firmware to get it fixed

    registration over wifi network: sometimes kindle does not register itself over wifi because of any internet connectivity issues, will check and resolve router or modem issues

    kindle voyage support freezing issues: freezes sometimes due to lots of data in it and id freezes,we will assist you to reset kindle and also educate customer to remove unwanted data safely and securely. Kindle frozen, Kindle frozen screen, Kindle hanging issue are the most common issues people face.

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    • 2007 – First generation original Kindle
    • 2009 – Kindle 2, Kindle 2 international – the 2nd generation Kindle update
    • 2009, 2010 – Kindle DX, Kindle DX international, Kindle DX graphite
    • 2010, 2011 – Kindle keyboard, special offer Kindle keyboard
    • 2011 – Kindle 4, silver Kindle touch
    • 2012 – Kindle 5, Kindle Paperwhite (1st generation)
    • 2013 – Kindle Paperwhite (2nd generation)
    • 2014 – Kindle 7, Kindle voyage
    • 2015 – Kindle Paperwhite ((3rd generation)
    • 2016 – Kindle oasis User Guide

    Expert Tech Support help for Issues

    Kindle is not connecting to Wireless Network/Home Network Unable to Register my kindle not Charging password not working or lost not coming not able to Login to your Amazon account Problem accessing, downloading, or listening to music/Applications Book did not download/haven't received book Unable to Purchase anything on your Kindle Book Has Missing Pages or Content Errors Battery WonӴ Stay Charged Not able to Login to your Amazon account.A Buyer’s Guide For Amazon Kindle: Whether To Go With The Kindle, Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Voyage, Kindle Oasis?
    Errors and Problems in different Types of Kindle models-
    Kindle e-reader is of many types varying in the size, memory storage, battery life, connectivity method, weight and many more specifications. A few of them are:-
    1. Kindle
    2. Kindle Voyage
    3. HD/HDX (7/8.9)
    4. DX
    5. Kindle Paperwhite
    6 Kindle Oasis

    In you may face a few problems like:-

    1. Screen stuck while reading a PDF document.
    2. Screen Stuck in the dictionary while using landscape mode.
    3. Error on the kindle while pressing back button Unable to start application, please try again.
    4. Menu option not working responding.
    5. Kindle Connection Problem.
    6. Didn't Receive Content
    7. Can't Connect to Wi-Fi
    8. Content Won't Download
    9. Kindle is Registered to a Different Account
    10. Forgot Kindle Passcode.
    11. Battery Won't Stay Charged
    12. Book Won't Open
    13. Book Has Missing Pages or Content Errors
    14. Critical Battery Error

    In you may face a few problems like:-

    2. Kindle error messages.
    3. Error on the kindle while pressing back button Unable to start application, please try again.
    4. Menu option not working responding.
    5. error.
    6. error code license_error
    7. error opening content
    8. error opening book
    9. error code 13
    10. error screen.
    11. error 107
    12. error 927
    13. error code 2
    14. errors in kindle ebooks
    15. kindle download errors
    16. kindle touch errors
    17. kindle spelling errors
    18. fault code 57
    19. error code 3
    20. error code u006
    21. message alert code 10
    22. error code 400-1
    23. error code 0041
    24. error code 0003

    In you may face a few problems like:-

    1. How to register .
    2. Device registered to another user.
    3. How to deregister the .
    4. Not able to find Serial number.
    5. Forgot password.
    6. Screen Frozen or Not responding.
    7. Unable to connect to Wi-Fi network.
    8. not recognized by your computer.
    9. Unable to receive a converted file.
    10. Registration Issues
    11. Wi-Fi Connection Issue
    12. Music Issues
    13. Connecting Via USB Issues
    14. Not Connecting to internet
    15. won't download data
    16. Hardware Issues
    17. won't turn On
    18. won't connect to Wifi
    19. Corrupt Book data
    20. won't download data
    21. troubleshooting wonӴ Turn off
    22. unable to Receive a converted File
    23. Dropping internet Connection
    24. keeps crashing
    25. keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi
    26. keeps Rebooting to Recovery
    27. menu option not Working
    28. Netflix Troubleshooting
    dissatisfied with the screen on Kindle Oasis
    Minor dark specks on my Kindle Oasis
    New kindle oasis screen problems
    Amazon Kindle Oasis uneven lighting Problem
    Kindle Oasis Battery Cover Charging issues
    Oasis battery drains quickly

    Is Your Kindle Oasis Not Charging From the Case Battery. It regularly flashes a warning that it has lost connection with its charging cover. Kindle Oasis cover may not be properly charging the internal battery

    Errors and Error Codes-

    1. error code license_error.
    2. error code 13.
    3. error code 57.
    4. error code 28.
    5. error code 300.
    6. error code 400-1.
    7. error code 6.3.
    8. Internal errors.
    9. error code 70.
    10. error message
    11. error flashing zip
    12. error while updating
    13. fault while downloading
    14. error in connection
    15. error in connection unable to connect
    16. errors
    17. app errors
    18. app store crashes
    19. certificate errors
    20. typing errors
    21. video errors
    22. error codes
    23. amazon error code 13
    24. video error code 13
    25. video download error
    26. video error
    27. video error message
    28. error playing video
    29. movie error
    30. internal service error
    31. internal service failure
    32. network inaccuracy
    33. network error message
    34. registration error sign
    35. kindle registration error 99

    In HD/HDX you may come across with these kind of issues:-

    1. Update button missing or error message while tapping on Update button.
    2. Software updates not working.
    3. HD/HDX showing the old version even after updating the software.
    4. Losing Wi-Fi connection during video playback.
    5. Battery not getting charged.
    6. Newspapers or Magazines not downloaded.
    7. Cannot delete a book from my folder.
    8. Incomplete file download error message while opening the book.
    9. everal pages missing from the book.
    10. Book skipping pages.
    11. Error while downloading or accessing or listening to music.
    12. Problem watching videos.
    13. e-mail file not received in .
    14. Outside Wi-Fi range.
    15. PDF not converted.
    16. Problem using apps in HD.
    17. Problem in using Amazon Silk browser..
    18. hd issues freezing.
    19. hd wifi connected but not working.
    20. hd problems with turning on.
    21. problems with hd turning off.
    22. hdx Internet Connection Problems.
    23. hd won't connect to wifi.
    24. hd keeps rebooting itself.
    25. hdx losing internet connection.
    26. hd Trouble with startup.
    27. Can not connect to a PC.
    28. Issues with typing.
    29. No audio through headphones or speakers in HD .
    30. hd Pre-installed browser will not start.
    31. hd Email isnӴ working.
    32. hd Screen Frozen or Unresponsive.
    33. hd Book Problems.
    34. Battery Problems.
    35. hd problems with touch screen.
    36. hd problems with silk.
    37. hd charging issues.
    38. hdx wifi issues.
    39. hdx problems with charging.
    40. hdx is not playing back audio.
    41. Purple or Blue haze on the LCD screen.
    42. Troubleshooting HDX Software Updates.
    43. Update appears to start, but doesn't update the device.
    44. Previous software version number is still showing after the update.
    45. HDX problem with E-mail.
    46. The HDX display bleeds blue.
    47. hdx slow internet.
    48. hdx authentication problem.
    49. hdx volume problem.
    50. hdx is frozen.

    Kindle Fire Errors in Kindle HD/HDX-

    1. Screen unresponsive or frozen or hanged.
    2. Lines on the screen.
    3. Problem in updating the Kindle manually.
    4. Not able to find Serial number
    5. Forgot password.
    6. File not received- Outside coverage area.
    7. Unable to connect to Wi-Fi network.
    8. Not playing Audiobook.
    9. Kindle DX battery not charging.
    10. Device not recognized.
    11. hd error messages.
    12. hd error code 13.
    13. hd error code 57.
    14.error purchasing free apps.
    15. hd internal error message.
    16. hd internal server error.
    17. hd error code 28.
    18. hd error code 3006.
    19. hd error code 400-1.
    20. hd error code 4 netflix.
    21. hd error code 403.
    22. hdx dhcp error.
    23. hdx registration error.
    24. hdx network error.
    25. hdx camera error.
    1. Update unavailable.
    2. Updations unsuccessful- The software does not appears to work.
    3. Engine crashed by downloading a PDF larger than 50 MB.
    4. File opening very slowly.
    5. Screen froze for files more than 100 MB.
    6. problems with screen.
    7. problems turning on.
    8. backlight won't turn off.
    9. backlight not working.
    Kindle support,
    Amazon Kindle support,
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    www Kindle com support,
    Amazon customer service phone number
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    10. light issues.
    11. problems with wifi.
    12. problems with touch screen.
    13. problems with battery.
    14. battery won't charging.
    15. forget network.
    16. not finding network.
    17. connectivity issues.
    18. problems with freezing.
    19. wifi password problem.
    20. registration failed.
    21. registration error.
    22. stuck on registration.
    23.issues with mail.
    Dual-battery charging system
    Premium leather cover included
    Page turn options
    Perfectly balanced ergonomic design
    The thinnest Kindle ever

    Errors with Kindle Paperwhite-

    1. Kindle Paperwhite internal error.
    2. error code 2.
    3. application error the selected application could not be started.
    4. application error message.
    5. internal error.
    6. wifi error.
    7. application error.
    8. update error 3.
    9. update error 4.
    10. error collecting information.
    Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite
    kindle customer support
    Kindle Online Support
    Kindle Technical Support
    11. framework error.
    12. download error.
    13. software update error 3.
    Dual-battery charging system
    Premium leather cover included
    Page turn options
    Perfectly balanced ergonomic design
    The thinnest Kindle ever
    Below, you’ll find the most important tech specifications of the new top of the line e-reader from Amazon.
    Screen 6” E-Ink Carta HD
    Screen resolution 1440 × 1080 px
    Pixel density 300 ppi
    Grayscale levels 16
    Touchscreen Yes
    Front light Yes
    Number of LED lights 10
    Waterproof No
    Page turns Touch screen + page turn buttons
    Time to recharge Without cover: up to 2 weeks
    With cover: several months
    Charge time Up to 3 hours
    Weight 4.6 oz / 131 g (without cover)
    8.4 oz / 238 g (with cover)
    Dimensions without cover 5.6 × 4.8 × 0.13-0.33″ / 143 × 122 × 3.4-8.5 mm
    Cover dimensions 5.7 × 4.9 × 0.07-0.18” / 144 × 125 × 1.9-4.6 mm
    Charging cover Included
    Connectivity Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi + Free 3G
    Wi-Fi 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n (WEP, WPA, WPA2)
    Ports Micro-USB for connectivity and charging
    Storage 4 GB, will hold thousands of books
    Supported text formats azw, azw3 (Kindle Format 8), doc, docx, html, mobi, pdf, prc (Mobipocket), txt
    Supported image formats bmp, gif, jpeg, png
    International availability Yes, through localized Kindle Stores and directly from
    In the box Kindle Oasis
    Premium cover for Kindle Oasis
    USB 2.0 charging cable
    Prices Wi-Fi with ads – $289.99
    Wi-Fi without ads – $309.99
    Wi-Fi + 3G with ads – $359.99
    Wi-Fi without ads – $379.99
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